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Meet The Team



Michael Pitera

When Mike first started in 2002  as a DJ in high school, he was simply hoping to make some extra money for college. But almost instantly, he realized it was way more than just some side job—entertaining people was something he really loved. Being able to help people create special memories is amazing and rewarding work. As the business grew, Mike expanded into other services. Soon, he had a thriving business that provided not only great music and entertainment, but also lighting and production He is thrilled to be able to do what he loves everyday. Mike resides in Long Island with his wife, Kristine and his two Dogs, Boomer and Max. 

DJ/Event Manager

Steven Chiavola

Steve Chiavola has an unmatched passion for the event industry. Starting out working at major family owned event production companies at just 12 years old, Steve was exposed to multiple different sides of the event world. His knowledge includes Decor, Tents, special effects lighting and audio. With his first job being at a party planning company, Steve grew fond of the planning side of the business. He truly enjoys helping clients with their planning and being able to provide helpful insight and creative ideas to clients to make their events extra special and unique to them. He is a self taught DJ and excellent at his craft. He loves mixing open format out of His music library which contains over 70,000 different songs from all genres and he enjoys listening to everything from electronic music to classic disco while he’s off work, driving down the beach or enjoying time with his family. Steve has a Bachelors degree from Stony Brook University and a love for his job. 


Jeremy Ramdihall

Photo Booth/Special Effect Specialist

James Dieppa


Special Effect Specialist 



James Lark 

Photographer/Special Effect Specialist  




DJ Johnny 


DJ Rob James started spinning in the mobile DJ industry in 1990. Rob is an expert in all genres of music for all events. With over 5000 events under his belt Rob has the experience and knowledge to rock any dance floor with his expert crowd reading skills. 

House, Disco, Freestyle, Hip Hop, Techno, Reggae, Rock and top 40's... Robs open format style always keeps the energy level high and the dance floor packed. 


DJ Rob James 

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